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We have underfloor heating throughout the house and cannot drill into the screed. How do we fix the transition profiles?

Nowadays, many houses and flats are equipped with underfloor heating. In this case, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the suitability of the floor covering for underfloor heating when buying laminate flooring, care must also be taken when attaching profiles: if underfloor heating is present, it is not possible to simply drill into the screed and alternative fastening techniques are necessary. But here too, LOGOCLIC® provides a remedy thanks to its product variety of adapter and transition profiles.

Adhesive profiles for laminate on underfloor heating

LOGOCLIC® profiles can not only be attached using screws, most profiles are also suitable for the adhesive method. If this is the case, there are special adhesive grooves on the underside of the profiles. These serve to enlarge the adhesive surface. Attach the transition profiles quickly and easily using assembly adhesive (note setting time).

Some of the profiles are also self-adhesive and do not require any external adhesive application. Remove the adhesive film just before attaching the profile, then firmly attach the profile to the expansion joint. Prerequisite for this: the floors to be joined should have the same height.