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I would like to make the tiled area under my stove rounded and need a corresponding transition profile to the adjacent laminate.

Special products are needed to be able to round profiles. It doesn't matter whether you want to bridge a rounding at the tiled area in front of the stove, a column in the room or the round end of a carpet: in each of these cases, a bending profile or a bendable skirting board is necessary.

Bending profiles are often made of aluminium or brass and can be bent by hand. Bending profiles are available in different decors: whether in aluminium look or in wood decor. – You can choose the right bending profile for your laminate from an extensive range.

In addition to the aluminium or brass version, there are also strips and profiles made of thermoplastic material. This material must be soaked in 40 to 60 °C water for around 15 minutes before use – or you can heat it with a hot air blower. Afterwards, the strips can be easily shaped to the desired curve.

We ask you to contact a sales advisor at your BAUHAUS specialist centre – they will be able to give you the best advice on the selection of bending profiles and will be happy to answer any questions you may have on this subject. You can find your nearest BAUHAUS here.