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The transition from one room to another in our installation situation is over 15 mm. How can such a height difference be bridged? 

Often the floor level of two rooms is different. This difference in height can be a few millimetres, but sometimes more than a centimetre. In this case, you either need special adapter profiles to bridge the gap between the two rooms or you make do with lift-up blocks.

Infographic on how to install transition profiles
Infographic on how to install transition profiles
Transition profile

Lift-up blocks

Lift-up blocks are one way of compensating different levels between two rooms. As the name suggests, these installation aids are small blocks that fit into each other, usually made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic. They allow you to raise the floor profile as much as you want – as far as the profile allows. The lift-up blocks can be screwed into place and thus provide optimum support.

Champion-flex profiles

LOGOCLIC® also has so-called Champion-flex profiles in its range – these allow a height difference between two floor coverings or rooms of up to 23 mm.

Find out more about the main different profiles in the LOGOCLIC® range. You can also find installation instructions for laying laminate, for fitting skirting boards or profiles on our website.

A transition profile using lift-up blocks