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We want to cover an unsightly staircase with laminate. Are there special end profiles for this?

Even stairs can be covered with laminate with a little skill. Since the panels have to be cut to the right width for this, an edge remains through all the layers of the laminate flooring, which is unsightly on the one hand and sensitive on the other. If you want to decorate or conceal this edge and protect it from external influences, LOGOCLIC® is the right choice for you! The LOGOCLIC® range of profiles includes special end profiles for stairs, so-called angle profiles. In the accessories section you will find an overview of the laminate edging profiles on offer. You can buy these exclusively in the BAUHAUS specialist centres. Please feel free to contact a sales consultant, who will be happy to answer your questions.

What are end profiles for stairs?

The end profile for stairs, or the angle profile from LOGOCLIC®, has a width of 40 mm, a height of 2 mm and a length of 1000 mm or 2500 mm. It is ideal for finishing stairs and edges, as it protects the edge on the one hand and visually rounds off the staircase on the other. Another advantage of the angle profiles: small grooves in the profile also serve as protection against slipping.

How do I attach the angle profile?

It is advisable to screw the angle profile to the stairs. Holes are already in the profile for this. Here you can find more information about the installation of floor profiles.