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According to the laminate manufacturer's instructions, I have to leave an expansion joint in the middle of the room. What is the easiest way to bridge this “gap”?

Laminate flooring moves – this means that the laminate expands over time due to the temperature in the room. So-called expansion joints must therefore be taken into account when laying laminate flooring. To bridge these joints in a visually appealing way, there are skirtings that cover the distance to the wall and profiles that cover the transition to another room or to another floor covering.

Transition profiles are the most suitable

There are various types of profiles in the LOGOCLIC® range. Transition profiles are best suited for expansion joints. These are available in different widths and heights, different colours with different installation options. LOGOCLIC® transition profiles can either be screwed or glued.

You can also use transition profiles to compensate for height differences between two rooms or floor coverings. Choose transition profiles or special adapter profiles that compensate for height differences and minimise tripping hazards.