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Can I lay laminate flooring on PVC?

Your flat or house is fitted with PVC floors and you would like a more modern floor? As a more durable and tougher floor covering, laminate is a suitable alternative. You will probably be wondering whether you have to remove the old covering first before you can lay the laminate . The good news is: it might be possible to install the laminate on top of the old floor!

What needs to be considered when laying laminate on PVC

PVC is a thermoplastic that can be moulded by adding plasticisers. This makes it possible to produce affordable and insensitive floors. However, moisture can easily collect under PVC or air bubbles can unintentionally form under the flooring. When laying laminate over a PVC floor, there should be no unevenness in the PVC (maximum 3 mm per linear metre). Also make sure that the PVC is dry to avoid mould under your new laminate flooring later on.

Impact sound insulation and vapour barrier film?

When laying laminate over PVC, you do not need a vapour barrier film provided it is dry. However, impact sound insulation is recommended. You will find all this and the laying installation accessories in the LOGOCLIC® range, available at the BAUHAUS specialist centre.

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Laminate can also be laid on other substrates. Find out what you need to bear in mind when laying laminate on tiles or what special features there are if you want to lay laminate on carpet.