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We want to lay laminate flooring on wooden floorboards. Which underlay do we use? 

In order to lay laminate flooring on old wooden floorboards, there are a few things to bear in mind: As a general rule, polyethylene film should not be used as an intermediate layer, as there must be an exchange of moisture between the laminate flooring and the old floorboards.

Unevenness with laminate on wooden floorboards

You should also take any unevenness in the subfloor into account. This can be evened out with a thicker underlay mat, such as XPS Maxima or special wood fibre boards. At LOGOCLIC® you will find different underlays such as impact sound insulation, vapour barrier or thermal insulation. Some products are true all-rounders. For example the Pro Acoustic Light+  insulating underlay, which also acts as a vapour barrier, impact sound insulation and levels out unevenness.

When laminate flooring is laid on floorboards, it is not only the underlay that is important. Make sure the floorboards are screwed down firmly and cannot move at all. The direction of laying should also be chosen carefully: on floorboards, the laminate panels should be laid across the longitudinal direction of the boards.

Follow these tips when laying laminate! Visit your local BAUHAUS specialist centre where you will find the product lines from LOGOCLIC® including accessories, as well as receive comprehensive advice on the subject of insulation for laminate.

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