Colours at home - a vital part

Colours are light. Or more exactly: vibrations. That is why they influence us in various ways. They can have a vitalising or relaxing effect. They give us warmth and security or clarity and purity. They can make us cheerful, keep us grounded or embrace us. Thus, the colour design at our home can contribute very much to our wellbeing. Each colour world has a very special effect.

White - light beige

White is noble and perfect. And it will never be out of fashion in interior design. To slightly attenuate the intransigence of white it can be combined with light colours, such as light beige. Thus, a very noble and tasteful but never obtrusive room impression is created.


Grey as only colour appears understated and well-adjusted. Combined with other colours, however, grey becomes a refiner that gives everything a particularly valuable aspect.

Yellow - beige

A room in which these two colours are used will be balm for our soul and give us power. Yellow cheers us up on dull days, and combined with beige is also appears very elegant. Furthermore, yellow is said to have a strong effect on human intellectual power in the fields of logic.


This colour is reminiscent of earth. And wood. And nature. However, also of comestible products such as coffee, fresh bread and chocolate. In this groundedness we feel cosy and sheltered. Brown links us with the nativeness of things. That is why brown has a grounding effect on us.

Dark colours

Dark brown is the noble brother of medium brown. It gives us a feeling of luxury and clarity without losing its cosy and warm effect. Dark brown adds accents and still transports grounded values.



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