Sustainably generated laminat floors by Logoclic can help keeping our forests intact and healthy
Sustainably generated laminat floors by Logoclic keep the woods intact

Logoclic laminate – for the good of the environment

Decide on environmentally
friendly laminate flooring from Logoclic

Decide with a clear conscience for the highest quality and best design: Logoclic laminate flooring is made to around 90% from the renewable resource of wood. In addition we use mainly waste wood from forestry maintenance work in the production of our laminate.

In the development of Logoclic products, we always follow the example of nature: Nature wastes nothing. It constantly brings forth new colours and shapes. It is functional and caters for the most differing tastes.

Logoclic laminate flooring combines quality of life with ecology and economy

Logoclic laminate flooring is extremely robust and very durable, which preserves resources. Allergy-sufferers can breathe freely thanks to Logoclic laminate: The closed surface offers no nutrition or breeding ground for allergenic micro-organisms.

Logoclic laminate flooring is produced:

Remaining waste can therefore be disposed of easily as general waste without danger to the environment.

Laminate for life

Comfort, warmth, security - wood meets basic needs and has been used by man since time immemorial. Hardly any other material is as natural and comfortable as wood. Oak, beech, spruce, and other woods demonstrate their diversity particularly in the form of flooring. Robust or elegant - wood takes on many forms at Logoclic and adapts to your ideas of a dream home.



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