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What exactly is laminate?

Laminate is a very popular floor covering nowadays, which is often used as an alternative to real wood flooring due to its advantageous properties such as abrasion resistance, durability, robustness, easy maintenance and much more. The large selection of surface decors allows for many different furnishing styles.

The structure of laminate

Many of laminate’s good properties can be traced back to its structure:

The top layer of the floor covering is the overlay, a protective layer treated with melamine resin. The decorative layer is under this. The paper is printed with a wood or stone look, is also wetted with melamine resin and is pressed firmly onto the HDF core material (layer three) under heat and pressure together with the overlay. The bottommost layer of a laminate floor is the stabilising layer – these resin-impregnated papers balance the tension between the lower and upper side of the laminate floor.

Special feature of LOGOCLIC®: the antistatic paper is directly under the decorative layer of LOGOCLIC® laminate. This layer provides comprehensive protection against unpleasant discharge – permanently. The Silentos and Ambienta product lines also have another layer: at the very bottom, the laminate floors in these series have integrated footfall and impact sound insulation. This prevents footfall and impact sound and saves time, since you save one step in the laminate laying process.

Take a look at the many LOGOCLIC® surface decors – whether wood or stone look is entirely up to you. You can view the laminate close-up at your local BAUHAUS specialist centre.