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What is the surface of laminate panels made of?

The advantage of laminate flooring compared with real wood is that the floor covering is made of many different layers and is thus extremely sturdy and resistant to impact, scratches and abrasion. This layer structure also makes the large selection of laminate decors possible. Find out here about the individual layers and the surface of laminate flooring.

The structure of laminate flooring

Some LOGOCLIC® laminate product lines, for example the Silentos or Ambienta series, have integrated footfall and impact sound insulation. This forms the bottom layer in the structure of a laminate panel. Above this is the stabilising layer, which balances the tension from the top to the bottom surface. Above the stabilising layer is the HDF core material, a stable wood-based panel. LOGOCLIC® has an antistatic paper on top of this, which prevents unpleasant discharge.

The surface of laminate flooring

The last two layers make the laminate what it really is: a beautiful floor covering with its advantageous properties and beautiful appearance. Above the anti-static paper is the decorative layer with the decor for the respective floor. The choice ranges from beech-coloured imitation wood to natural stone look. This layer is impregnated with a melamine resin. Together with the overlay, the top layer of the laminate flooring, the decorative layer is pressed firmly onto the core material under heat and pressure.

The overlay – protecting the laminate

Overlays are light, transparent paper webs that are wetted with liquid melamine resin in an impregnation bath. As a core material, the paper absorbs the resins. The composition of the resins with corundum content (corundum = mineral, used in abrasives, among other things) determines the subsequent quality of the laminate flooring in terms of abrasion class/ wear resistance.

Laminate is similar to parquet

LOGOCLIC® laminate flooring consists of around 90 percent wood material. Its many layers make laminate more robust than parquet flooring, but there is little visual difference between it and real wood flooring. This is because the decors look deceptively real, and these days laminate flooring resembles real wood in terms of feel, too.

See for yourself how similar it is to real wood! The best thing you can do is visit your local BAUHAUS specialist centre.

Choice of laminate floors from LOGOCLIC®