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footfall sound on laminate

A prejudice that still exists is that laminate is louder than parquet or other floor coverings. However, we can dismiss this prejudice: laminate floors from LOGOCLIC® are basically no louder than comparable floor coverings.

Additional reduction of noise through impact sound insulation

To further reduce footfall and impact sound, additional insulating underlays for laminate can be used during laying. In the LOGOCLIC® range you will find impact sound insulation in the form of cork mats or felt sheets that are simply laid under the laminate floor. This additional insulation allows you to reduce impact sound and footfall sound.

Laminate flooring with integrated impact sound insulation

Some products in the LOGOCLIC® laminate flooring range have integrated footfall and impact sound insulation. This is the case, for example, with the Ambienta product group. This means that no additional footfall and impact sound insulation needs to be installed to reduce noise, as these laminate floors have reduced impact sound and footfall sound levels from the outset.