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Since laminate is mainly made of wood, is it also easily flammable?

Laminate from LOGOCLIC® consists of more than 90 percent wood-based materials from domestic forests. So is it right to assume that laminate is highly flammable because wood also burns easily? The opposite is the case: laminate floors from LOGOCLIC® are classified as flame retardant.

The fire class of laminate

According to DIN (German Institute for Standardisation) 4075 Part 5, laminate from LOGOCLIC® is flame retardant. The classification according to the European standard is: DIN EN13501-1 – Fire class CflS1 (Cfl – flame retardant; S1 – no smoke development).

Properties of laminate flooring

The third layer of the laminate is made of wood-based material, the HDF core material. On top of this is the decorative paper layer, which is impregnated with melamine, and the overlay, also reinforced with melamine resin. This is the advantage over real wood flooring: these two layers protect against burning. LOGOCLIC® laminate is also immune to cigarette burns, since no burn marks are formed.

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