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The skirting boards on offer are all too high for me. I would like a small, refined skirting.

LOGOCLIC® offers numerous different strips for an attractive finish for your laminate flooring. If you would prefer a small, refined skirting, you would be well advised to use a quarter round, available in different versions.

Quarter round as skirting board – the choice is yours:
K23C skirting board from logoclic
  • Width: 23 mm
  • Height: 29 mm
  • Thanks to suitable installation clips this skirting board – based on the shape of a quarter round – is quickly fixed in place.
K22 skirting board from logoclic
  • Width: 22 mm
  • Height: 22 mm
  • This quarter round is a fast and subtle solution for the wall finish.
Quarter round and squared skirting board from logoclic
Quarter round, squared
  • Width: 10 mm
  • Height: 16 mm
  • This plastic strip is suitable for a variety of uses: use the quarter round both as a wall connection and as a finishing edge for the laminate flooring.
Quarter round skirting board from logoclic
Quarter round
  • Width: 14 mm
  • Height: 14 mm
  • The round quarter round made of plastic is a very refined plastic strip that is suitable both as a wall finish and for decorative objects.

LOGOCLIC® can help you with installation of skirtings: no matter with clips, integrated carrier rail or adhesive. You will find the suitable instructions here.