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How do I reduce the walking noise of laminate flooring? 

Laminate flooring is made up of individual panels. This can cause noise when you walk on it. The subfloor under the laminate floor also plays a role. To reduce the walking noise on the floor covering, there is no alternative to impact sound insulation. But you have two options here:

Reduce footfall sound by laying an underlay under the laminate flooring. This minimises noise in the room – your neighbours will be grateful too. You will find various types of impact sound insulation in the LOGOCLIC® range.

The Ambienta product line, for example, impresses with its integrated impact sound insulation. This means that no additional work step is required for impact sound installation when laying laminate. The laminate ideally dampens walking noises thanks to this integrated insulation.

You should also find out what is necessary for laying laminate flooring. You will find laminate laying instructions on our website, and you can buy suitable accessories as well as the laminate itself from your local BAUHAUS specialist centre.