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We have chosen an insulating underlay that is already equipped with an aluminium foil as a vapour barrier. Is the underlay laid with the silver layer facing upwards or downwards? 

Insulation is very important when laying laminate. Whether it's a vapour barrier, compensation for unevenness, thermal insulation or to reduce footfall sound: insulation is always a good decision.

Different types of insulating underlay – also with aluminium

There are many different types of insulating underlay for laminate. In the LOGOCLIC® range alone you will find various underlays with different functions. The Pro Acoustic Light+ underlay, for example, has an additional aluminium layer and is therefore not only suitable for levelling out unevenness in the subfloor, but also as a vapour barrier.

Which side should be facing up – aluminium or the other?

Other underlays also have an aluminium coating. Here the question often arises: which side should be facing up? The underlay is laid with the coated side facing upwards. Lay the underlay with the aluminium coating slightly overlapping and glue the joints with aluminium adhesive tape. Some of the aluminium underlays already have an integrated adhesive surface.

The advantage of an insulating underlay with aluminium coating

Insulation with aluminium coating combines thermal insulation and insulation to compensate for unevenness with a vapour barrier. The advantage of such a product is that a whole work step and thus a lot of time is saved during installation.

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