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Which is the best insulating underlay to use with underfloor heating?

If laminate flooring is to be laid over underfloor heating, the heat dissipation must be taken into account. If the floor covering insulates too much, the heat of the underfloor heating will be insufficiently used – thus a lot of energy will be lost.

The following reference values should be observed if insulating underlay is to be used with underfloor heating: the total thermal resistance should not exceed 0.15 m2K/W.

Where can the values for the insulating underlay be found?

The values for the insulating underlay are printed on the packaging. Take a look at these before buying in order to purchase the appropriate material for laminate floor laying.

One example for calculating the thermal resistance:

  • Laminate flooring 8 mm: 0.07 m2K/W
  • Pro Acoustic+ underlay: 0.01 m2K/W
  • Total: 0.08 m2K/W

Your sales advisor at your local BAUHAUS specialist centre will be happy to help. Here you will also find the product lines from the LOGOCLIC® laminate flooring range as well as the matching accessories.