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When do I need a vapour barrier film?

A vapour barrier is a PE film which protects the laminate from moisture. Because this film prevents moisture rising into the laminate flooring. If moisture were to penetrate the laminate floor, it would lead to swelling and rippling in the floor covering.

Mineral floors are particularly affected

This damage to the laminate floor can be avoided if a vapour barrier foil is used before the laminate is laid. Especially with mineral floors such as screed, asphalt or concrete, which are made with water, moisture can form.

The subfloor was dry

Even if the subfloor was found to be dry before the laminate was laid, moisture can still form, depending on the time of year. This mainly affects basement rooms and rooms on the ground floor – because the temperature differences between the heated room and the cold from outside can cause condensation to form between the floor layers, which subsequently attacks the floor covering.

Suitable vapour barriers from LOGOCLIC®

You will find various types of vapour barrier films in the LOGOCLIC® range. But the LOGOCLIC® range also offers combination products: in this case, the vapour barrier and impact sound insulation are integrated into one underlay – saving you one work step and a lot of valuable time.

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