Experience laminate

Laminate flooring which is a joy to live with

LOGOCLIC® laminate brings patterns, structures and the special effects of natural materials to your home. Centuries old stone floors or the annular rings of a tree: wood and stone have their own power of expression. And this must be faithfully reproduced. With sophisticated techniques, it is possible to make LOGOCLIC® laminate flooring surfaces naturally beautiful.

If you want to be sure that going bare foot also feels good when walking around your home, you should opt for a special surface. But not every material that your feet like is convenient for laying. LOGOCLIC® flooring combines the positive qualities of various materials with the advantages of laminate:

Sense, see, feel – Surfaces which arouse the senses

Have you ever counted and touched the annular rings of a tree? You don’t need to go to the forest to do this. Sophisticated techniques allow you to see the rings of an old oak in your LOGOCLIC® laminate floor planks. Do you like the feeling of walking barefoot over old stone flooring? Take this feeling home with you and cover your floor with a naturally beautiful and vivid surface.

Logoclic laminate flooring: exclusive impressions

Anyone who chooses LOGOCLIC® laminate has every possible advantage. Enjoy the natural charisma of aged wood. Bring to your home the warm atmosphere of oiled wood floors or the authentic look of a rustic stone floor.