LOGOCLIC® elementPro

LOGOCLIC® elementPro is diversely usable – a true all-rounder – from children’s bedrooms through to commercial applications. As it is water-resistant and slip-resistant, LOGOCLIC® elementPro is an attractive and reliable partner even in wet rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom. So it is a versatile floor covering that also shines with many other attractive features. Its service classes make it durable. It is dust and dirt-repellent and highly scratch and wear-resistant.

The surrounding V-joints ensure an almost perfect flooring or tile appearance. Combined with the special look and feel, this creates a harmonious overall image. LOGOCLIC® elementPro is laid using the 1c2goPure/ Top Clic* laying system.

How it is for your health and how it feels to walk on it are also very important – and LOGOCLIC® elementPro scores highly here as well. Awarded the best emission class on the VOC A+ emission scale, it is quiet to walk on and warm under your feet. So it is not surprising that you are provided with a warranty period of 30 or 20* years for residential areas and 5 years for commercial areas for all LOGOCLIC® elementPro floors. No or insignificant door trimming is usually required due to low structure height of 4 or 5 mm. Uncomplicated top quality!


  • Water-resistant
  • Highly scratch- and wear-resistant
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Dirt-repellent and easy to clean
  • Pleasantly silent due to the soft-touch surface*
  • Highest room air quality A+**
  • Almost perfect flooring & tile appearance due to the surrounding V-joint
  • Low built-up height and dimensional stability
  • Slip-resistant (DS friction coefficient)
  • Very hard-wearing, suitable for commercial areas*
  • 30 or 20-year warranty for residential areas and 5-year warranty for commercial areas*

* Available for selected decors

1clic2go pure
Extrem leise
20/30 Jahre Garantie
Geeignet für Fussbodenheizung
Nutzungsklasse 23/32
Nutzungsklasse 23/33
Nutzungsklasse 23/34
4/5mm Stärke
V4 Umlaufende V-Fuge