• Sycamore Maple Parquet in the living room Sycamore Maple Parquet in the living room
  • Sycamore Maple Parquet from LOGOCLIC Sycamore Maple Parquet from LOGOCLIC

sycamore maple

1,095 x 180 x 13.5 mm
packages: 8 panels | content: 1.58 m² | 11.71 kg
Design: Ship decking 3-rod
top layer: 3.5 mm
32 packages / 374.72 kg

High Quality 3-road maple parquet by LOGOCLIC®

Let your rooms shine in new splendour! The ship decking parquet sycamore maple by LOGOCLIC® lends all your living areas a cosy atmosphere. The maple parquet’s aesthetic surface, made of high-quality maple wood, brightens every room, while the 3-rod ship decking parquet simulates the panelling on a ship’s deck. This effect creates a very unique floorscape.

High slip-resistance, which increases walking comfort, is another special feature of this maple parquet. The ship decking parquet floor consists of three layers including a central backing layer made of spruce and a 3,5 mm maple wood wear layer. The panels are 1.095 mm long and 180 mm wide with a strength of 13,5 mm. Further details can be found in the info box.

Additionally, the 3-rod ship decking parquet sycamore maple is very durable. Not even chair castors or similar strains can damage its surface. We further grant a 15-year warranty on this maple parquet, since it is long-lasting like all LOGOCLIC® products and protected by a special LOGOCLIC® coating.

The sycamore maple parquet floor by LOGOCLIC® is defined by high-quality craftsmanship and easy to clean with a dry mop, broom or vacuum. Of course, it can also easily withstand intensive or wet-cleaning, if required by more stubborn stains. Please consult our service pages for more information about maintenance of parquet flooring.

The Drop Connect® laying system ensures a fast and easy installation, which is carried out floatingly and without glue. This maple parquet is suitable for all rooms, even ones with warm water underfloor heating, but is not to be installed outdoors.


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